What is Lactoferrin?

Feeling GOOD inside out

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

So we started with a clear purpose: to develop new and improved products that allow customers to take the initiative to protect their bodies through clean, simple and research-proven supplements.

  • Non GMO

  • Antibiotic Free

  • Gluten Free

Why Choose Lactovital

Our Lactoferrin is made from 100% Swiss premium cow’s milk.
Switzerland is known for its strict animal welfare legislation. With that said, customers are reassured that Swiss cows are well cared for and are given protein-rich feed. Dairy farms pay careful attention to the use of medication, applying only what is necessary under clear regulations. Similarly, milk is processed under strict quality controls, preserving all the valuable goodness of the Lactoferrin so as to make its health benefits fully accessible to everyone.

Rather than just purchasing the end Lactoferrin product from a supplier, our team has more than 30 years of experience in studying and understanding the powerful immune benefits of Lactoferrin, ensuring that the quality and bioactivity of our Lactoferrin is of the highest possible.

Our Lactoferrin has passed SGS product safety testing including Pesticides Residue, Veterinary Drugs Residue, Melamine, Plasticizer and against the safety marks of EU and China regulations.